Friends, I am taking a vacation. A "stay-cation," really.

I am taking a week off of work and staying in town. Usually I use my vacation time to visit my family because they all live states and states away. But this time I really just need some serious down-time to get my life in order, complete some projects (some? Who am I kidding, I need to complete ALL my projects), and get some house-work done.

My to-do list is pages long for my staycation. Is that bad? Here are a few of my very exciting items:

Burn a CD of photos for Tim
Lunch with Laura and doctor appointment
Organize guest room
Replace lights in kitchen
Hang photos in family room
Organize clothes closets
Throw out clothes
Throw out shoes
Clean out dresser
Exterminator (ick!)
Photo back-up

And to think, these are a just a few! The list is actaully about twice as long but it gets even more boring as it goes on. Yes, it's possible it could get more boring. The one thing that I must - MUST - find time to do is relax.

Maybe I'll make a schedule for that too...