Will Work for Decision-Making Ability

Among the other nonsense things I’m calling myself “busy” with is trying to get going a little faster on the list of house projects! There are so many to do yet, but that is exciting! I still crack up thinking about how I thought I would have this entire place put together within the first month. One word: comedy.

One of my small projects was getting a montage of frames up on the longest wall in my combined living-dining room. These went up a few weeks ago, but do not fear, my procrastination is at it’s best – I had all these frames for about four months.

Now the next hurdle: What do I put in these frames?! Another decision-making adventure. No one has actually ever asked me the “which super power would you want” question, but if they ever do, I will say the ability to make decisions because in my book, that IS a super power!


Christy Parker said...

LOVE the photo frame montage...I remember speaking of this when I was at hotel chamberlin...6months ago! I say you should put pictures of ladies in babushkas selling rotten beets...got any of those?