Cider Mill Old School Style

Growing up in southeastern Michigan, there was one cider mill – and one cider mill only – that we went to. And that every other kid went to as well: Yates Cider Mill.

Not only does Yates have most excellent apple-only cider, but also the most amazing little donuts, a petting zoo, nature trails and wooded walks, a beautiful old water wheel, and great settings for fun pictures. Over Thanksgiving, E, Yazin, Mini-E, and Grandma went to have a fun afternoon at Yates.

(Yes, we usually look something like this...)

It was so fun to be back in the old neighborhood and at a place that was part of growing up. I only occasionally go back to Yates now every few years, but it is a fun place, and it is always nice to visit the places that remind you of your childhood.

Isn’t Mini-E the cutest thing ever in his bear suit?!?


Eli J said...

So cute. I want that picture of us. It's perfect. Love your laughing face!