Yes We Can!

Yes we can…

… make you stay in a city because the roads are closed
… not let you get on a few days of vacation
… force you to buy multiple formal dresses you’ll never wear again
… eliminate cabs (what?!)

I am a lucky girl. Regardless of who I voted for or didn’t vote for, it is certainly cool to be able to be part of the Presidential Inauguration. Because of some work I’m doing, I am going to be involved in a bunch of inaugural activities.

While this is really great and I am grateful for the opportunity, I am definitely not looking forward to the logistical nightmare that will be my life for four days.

No way, no how. But there I will be. Lots of picture to follow!


L said...

I'm excited to hear all about it!

Kara said...

I too can acknowledge that it is a historical event that you've bought these beautiful dresses for... though, definitely take pictures because I won't be anywhere close to it. :-)

Christy Parker said...

Love the Lord and Taylor top! Have fun!