Little Table Disease

As ITT knows, I am simply obsessed with the Little Table. I don’t’ know where this obsession came from, but when I see a refurbished Little Table, I… need… it.

In my house right now I have a few Little Tables. There’s the white one that I bought at an antique store in Front Royal. It had a twin that I really wanted, but at the time couldn’t think of anywhere I’d use it – good thing, because I have so many others I don’t have a spot for it.

Then of course there is the mirrored table that serves as the competing end of my “conversation area” in the living room. It reflects the bit of sunlight that comes in from front window, and pulls together the grey and metallic element in the house, pulling not just from the grey walls but also the bits in the kitchen and the silver fabric I recovered the kitchen chairs with (more later on those chairs).

Last – on the first floor – is a teal table/mini-chest that I found at Pier 1 when E was in town last winter. I have a matching mail stand, and while this piece was probably intended for the “chest” part of its description, I thought a TV would look just great on this. After weeks of online shopping for a TV stand and not finding anything suitable, this worked out just perfectly.

The next post you can see how all of these Little Tables fit together in the room… but be alert… I am on the hunt for a tall skinny Little Table for a nightstand in the guest room!


Anonymous said...

Love for little tables is not a's a GIFT! They are all lovelylittletables, each unique and claiming a special place in your abode. Don't let anyone put you down for liking little tables - they need homes too, you know. Little table lovers unite! (can we go shopping this weekend and find me some more little tables?!)