Make My Day

No, really, please – make my day.

Just like the man on the corner waiting with me for the crosswalk just made my day. Originally on the other side of the crowd on the corner (you know, downtown, lunchtime) was this man who walked over to my side of the corner while everyone started to cross and said, “I really like your shoes.”


He made my day. And no, not because the subject of his compliment was my shoes!

He made my day because it was random, it was sincere, and it was for no reason at all – he just decided to say something nice. He could have said it about anything, it was just nice and not because he needed anything because he said it and went on walking.

Lesson of the day? Never underestimate what saying one little - sincere - nice thing can do for someone who needs a pick-me-up – whether or not you know they need one!

(And for no reason whatsoever, here's a little shot that makes me happy, so I hope it makes you happy too!)


Anonymous said...

FR - I like your whole collection of shoes! :)