We haven't talked much about music on this blog - and frankly I don't intend to start.

UNLESS... I come across something that hits me like Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros. Hopefully you haven't all heard of them and been playing their tracks on repeat for the last six months and I'm just now stumbling across them.

They haven't hit super main stream, but are becoming more frequent on the mainstream alternative stations, and I can see why. With a bit of a nod to Johnny & June Carter Cash, their tracks are not only fun but super catchy. When I first heard "Home" (below) on one of my alternative XM stations, I checked the station thinking I was hearing a song from the 60's... but I wasn't.

I think one reviewer hit it on the head when he wrote, "the sound is strangely familiar, yet somehow new," and "... the smile widens and widens across the listeners' face as the album goes on."

Take a listen for yourself. The other songs on their first album, Up from Below, have similar sounds but some are less cheery. Let me know what you think!

***Update: Turns out I didn't embed the video right. Try clicking the link here for the song Home.***