Mt. Vernon Wine Festival

I’ve been delinquent – don’t tell me that, I know. I’ve heard the outcries from the adoring fans…
(eh em)

A few weekends ago I was soooo excited to go to the Mt. Vernon Wine Festival. A friend invited me to go, and I had never been – let’s be honest, I had never even heard of it – so I was definitely excited.

That day I had my cute-wine-festival-on-the-lawn-in-not-too-hot-weather-outfit all planned out. I was pretty excited. A black cotton maxi dress (casual!) and just some cute flat sandals, and a straw bag to carry all my stuff in. It was a hit! (Side note: I know the critics are split on the maxi dress in general, but I adore them.)

Essentially Mt. Vernon opens up it’s lawn, it’s grounds, the buildings, and everything else so that people that bought tickets to the event can come and sample Virginia wines, listen to music, and eat. And drink a little vino. And maybe drink a little more vino. Despite a last minute temptation to ditch my plans, I had a really fun time and will definitely be going next year. Some of the highlights?

A friend decided to pose with Martha & George. Honestly, how much better does it get than this?

And silly pictures around friends you've just met? Always fun.

The wine was great, particularly a vineyard I was at right when it opened recently, and was show-casing there – Philip Carter out in western Virginia. Other than that, the good (no, great!) company, fun times, great scenery, and good weather made for a perfect night.