Tie The Bow

So now that we've talked about nice little host(ess) gifts, how about what to put them in? A friend just shot me this link, and of course I was immediately obsessed. OB-SESSED. So I'm putting my order in now...
Maybe another post later on great wrapping ideas, styles, and options. Personally I only use one wrapping paper - it's sort of my signature when it comes to giving gifts. I use only brown packing paper. I've ventured into plain white wrapping paper as an alternate, but I can't really see myself going beyond that.

The good thing is that using on these two papers is really inexpensive, and available year-round, which means that I can then spend my money on super-lovely-cute-and-maybe-fancy-sometimes ribbon, bows, and adornments.


Anyway, how about these adorable personal bags - maybe for a guest treat? Or, if you do like we do in our family, a lot of the women get the other women a small gift (an ornament, or notecard set, etc.) that are all the same, for each person.

Order yours now!!!


Anonymous said...

Soooooooo cute. Like so. You are on a roll! And yes I love your brown paper packages tied up with...ribbons (or string I guess) - totally signature Girl!

Anonymous said...

The Wilsons are really nice people.

Rhiannon Nicole said...

Oh they are so cute!! Just perfect :)