So Here It Goes.

I have this client that starts everything they say with the word "so." No lie. It's a massive (I mean massive) company and it's frankly hilarious to see how social norms like starting almost ever new thought with the same word has spread.

So, here it goes...

I'm starting the blog. Yeah, yeah - I've said I would do this for approximately 87 years and haven't, but now I'm going to. I have too many ideas, too many stories, and too many completely embarrassing moments that I can't not share them anymore.

I hope you'll join me in my life, because when everything boils down in my world, I'm all about relationships. Believe it or not I'm actually a closet introvert. Closet, because only my five or six best friends know that - the rest of the world would peg me as the opposite.

I do still hope you'll join me as I decorate my first purchased home, figure out how to cram my life in to the most expensive 788 sq. feet in the history of time (okay maybe it just feels like that), do my job by the seat of my pants, learn how to live my life at a place and in a way I never guessed I would have, and generally just stumble around, trusting on Jesus, and making my way through the world.

So, there I went. Post #1 down. Oh yeah, and I like cars... but I'm sure we'll get to that later!