It's Raining... On My Clothes.

Dang it. All I wanted to do was Martha-up my place just a little bit, and take advantage of the tiny little yard that I have. I wanted to save a little energy, save a little cash, and have fun pretending I live out in the country.

Naturally I put up a clothesline in my backyard today. It's not a free standing one, but just some quaint rope I bought at the hardware store that I strung up along three plant hangers that were already secured to the tall wood fence by the previous owner. I thought this was a GREAT idea.

Yeah it's a great idea when you have cable and watch the weather - two things I don't do. As I sit here fussing on my laptop, I heard the sudden and loud start of a rain storm. Not one of these little drizzle things to start - a total downpour.

It's raining... on my clothes. Excellent. Oh well, so my first attempt at Susie Homemaker didn't work out so well, but now I don't want to go GET the wet clothes out there, so I think I'm just leaving them. They'll dry up eventually, right?