Better to Work a House

Wow, what a few week's it's been. Already I am slacking at my blogger duties which, I might add, is completely understandable... and expected. This is me, the girl that forgets EVERYTHING if it's not on a bungee, bouncing in front of her face, highlighted. Twice. I just loose attention fast, no big deal.

Today I had some lovely conversations with lovely people that are not part of that "normal" life that I'm still convinced I'll encounter one of these days. An older friend is part of the Georgetown Garden Club and each year asks if I can help host one of The Chosen homes/gardens. This year I finally could and while it meant getting up early on a Saturday, I was ready for it.

In a few past years I've attended because she's gotten me free tickets and have loved it, so I was definitely looking forward to it. But this year I worked one of the houses and it was amazing. The best part was that while the homeowners do not stay in their homes during the tour, the folks touring don't necessarily realize that.

More than a few times people would walk in and say "your home is so lovely," to me. Me. M.E. These homes are in the 2.5+ million range. Me. Right. Ha. At one point the guy I was with - an exclusive Georgetown interior designer - said to me, "darling, you are 28 and they are saying your 3 million dollar home is lovely... just say 'thank you.'" I tried it. I loved it. Just being honest.
The Georgetown Garden Tour is something I look forward to every year, and now I know it is MUCH better to work a house than to tour all of them!