Monday's New Experience

While I'm on staycation I'm trying to at least be smart about my time. Every day (except Wednesday, of course, when I have to do a work training all day - ACK!) I am trying to do some things that I like, some things that I need to do, and rest.

I think this sounds like a pretty good balance, considering that if I didn't try even a little bit to be disciplined about it, I would only to the middle item - some things that I need to do. It's a sickness, really.

So each day I am determined to:

*Complete (or make significant progress on) one "house" item
*Do something new, or something I haven't done in a long time
*Do something that I like
*Take a nap

Today I think that I managed to do all of these things. In no particular order:

House Chore: I started sifting through the guest room junk in order to better make it a functional living space (see previous post about Options, Please's highlighting my mess). I recently got a huge new storage organizational system and started the transfer of items from the old bookcases and boxes to the new shelving system. I love it already. The room is going to take a lot of time, but it's getting better.

Something New: Today I got a facial. I KNOW. I was scared. Everything I've heard is that it can be so painful when they get all the business out of your pores during the, eh em, "extraction phase," as they call it. Well let me tell you that it was a great experience, and the pain was totally worth it (and in the end, not even that bad!). I went to a reputable place even though that would mean it would cost me more. But going to Sugar House was the best $130 bucks I've spent in a long time (okay, it was only $90, but Eva Marie was so nice, and of course I had to buy one of the products!).

Something I Like: I went shopping! After the facial, red faced and all, I was feeling so relaxed that I took a midday trip to the mall. There are few things more fun than going to places that are usually so busy I almost can't be there, but going during a weekday. Glorious. Also, right now Serendipity is on Bravo, which is a movie I love, though I don't know if I'll make it to 1 a.m.

Take A Nap: Let's be honest, this is the easiest of all the daily tasks. I took a nap, yes, and it was wonderful. My couch is seeing a lot more napping lately!

Tomorrow is a big day on the staycation with even more planned - the most planned day during the staycation (except Wednesday - again, ACK!). Sneak preview? Sure: doctor appointment, lunch, The Gathering's first Fall service, maybe some paint touch up OR bathroom cleaning. And, don't be shocked, a nap.


Christy Parker said...

yay for the facial! I've heard Sugar House is great!