Michelle O. is Good

I'm not sure if you're as much of a dork as I am, but I stayed up to watched Michelle Obama speak at the Democratic Convention last night.

And wow, she just delivered quite a speech. You can see it here. From my vantage point, here are a few reasons it was good:

  • Fantastic delivery. A little actress-y, but probably not to the less-cynical eye.
  • Accomplished the D's goal for the night: "accept us, accept Barack, we are good and normal people that love America too."
  • Was inspirational.
  • Thanks HRC in a really classy way - not in cheesy, disheartened, or obligated way.

Good job Michelle, and good job speech writers. Pigs would have to fly before I voted for this team, but this was an impressive delivery. If only the R's can do the same next week...