Door Number One?

Right now I’m sitting at my new desk. Sigh. Finally, a real grown-up person desk! Well technically I have two desks right now, because I still have the full set of bedroom furniture that I have been living with since I was 15 years old. Yes, the solid white-washed This End Up furniture I got upon arrival to Solon, Ohio as a “moving present.”

This bedroom furniture has GOT to go, the problem is I just can’t decide which direction to go next. I think I’m going to go without a bed for the time being – meaning that I will just get a metal frame until I want to also buy a new mattress, which I predict will be another calendar year.

Right now my decision is do I go with a white dresser/nightstand set, or a mirrored one. OR, do I just drop the big bucks for the mirrored-white one?! {Options, Please!} would be so proud of me right now.

Help. Please cast your vote.