Abb. R. Good.

Today I was talking with a friend briefly online when I realized all the abbreviations I use – daily almost. Maybe I am an 8th-grade girl stuck in this body, but I seem to turn everything in to an abbreviation!

If you’re reading this, you probably have a shout out below. But honestly… why can’t I just type out the word? Our world has gotten so lightening-fast that I can’t even take the time to spell out words now!

Currently in use:
- FR
- MM
- CP
- LB
- SB
- TBD (it's not what you think!
- B
- TH
- JF
- FB
- And of course, how I could I forget FH?!


Anonymous said...

Shout out! I know FR, TFB, and SNC!

Christy Parker said...


L said...

Whoa, doesn't FH get a shout-out?! :)

The Girl said...

It is a SIGN that I forgot FH, a truly historic and wonderful abbreviation?!

Good call L!!!

Kara said...

I was going to mention the omission of FH too!! And of course, TBD...

Anonymous said...

I think I was there when FH was born. The best acronymn ever.