Seattle. Sigh.

How I love the Pacific Northwest.

If you would have asked me three years ago if I ever would have liked spending time on the West Coast, I likely would have suggested no. But since I have a client in Seattle, I spend a lot of time there. By “a lot,” I mean I spend four days three or four times a year.

In my book, that’s quite enough for me to have figured out that it’s one of the greatest places on earth! While I don’t usually take the “normal” shots anymore of the city – I never cease to find interesting neighbors, neighborhoods, streets, vendors, and happenings.

Seattle is one of the most colorful places I’ve been and interacted with people. On the whole, the people are incredibly nice, but also “real,” not that fake nice business. Also, they are unique and intriguing, and music and art are a major part of the city’s personality and the people that chose to live there. They are a little rustic, not fashionable at all, and love their coffee.

And I love them. And I will continue to visit… and maybe live one day far, far away!


L said...

Let's move together! I didn't even spend 48 hours there, and I loved it. But I think there are a few fashionable people, unlike grungy Portland - ew. I need at least a little bit of fashion in my life (and so do you!).