Trend: Feathers

Have you been seeing all the feathers around that I have?

I, like most trends, have been momentarily sucked in. Yes, I have the feather earrings but I’m sorry, I would like to say that I had a pair before this was a “real” trend and before I saw them anywhere!

And where did I get them? Of course, Nola True in Chagrin Falls, obviously. Obviously!!

A few feathery friends to browse through. I’ve been seeing feather earrings, hair thingies, pillows, wreaths, you name it.

Bring on the feathers!


lb said...

YES. I was going to call out Nola if you didn't but you did...obviously- obviously!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the feather trend! You were totally the trendsetter - I definitely saw the feather earrings on your ears before I saw any in stores.