Post Secret is one of my little life treasures. I actually have only told probably two people that I read it regularly and have all the books… so all of you know now too!

A quick little warning before you go through the link – some of the pieces are dirty. You’ve been sufficiently notified!

Post Secret is a community art project that started with Frank Warren putting blank post cards in places people gathered, asking them to send him secrets. You can read about the process here as well.

The secrets have to be 1. anonymous, 2. a real secret that has never been shared, 3. creative, 4. true.

My friend Stacy got me started on these and I am a bit addicted. I have most of the books, and every Sunday morning I wake up knowing that this week’s new blog posting is going to be up. It’s a slice of life that I love and connects my heart to all different kinds of people in different places.

A lot of the secrets are disturbing, some break my heart, many are sad, some gross. Others are uplifting, heart-warming, are portraits of healing and recovery, faith and hope. All of them are a piece of humanity, and all of them are art.

I don’t know if you’re in to this type of thing, but the ones your find disturbing or “inappropriate,” just think of it as a living art project and it might take on a different tone for you.

I’ve included a few of my favorites in this post.