The Little Guy

My colleague and friend recently had her baby in January. We were a little worried at first, to be honest.

He was born six weeks early, and though everything seemed okay on the day he was born, the doctors soon realized that his lungs were not quite as developed as they needed to be, and he went into the NICU for almost two weeks.

Mr. & Mrs. Colleague spent day and night at the hospital waiting for the Little Guy to be released. With much care, and lots of feeding, he is right on track two months later!

I visited with them a few weekends ago and couldn’t get enough of the Little Guy. He is so tiny, and when he gets fussy he needs to lay on his stomach on someone’s chest and he will fall right asleep.

So yes, that’s what we did for almost an hour. And I smelled like baby shampoo for the rest of the day – sigh!