Jewelry Box

Someone once told me – and hopefully not someone reading this blog, because I forget who it was, and that could be mildly embarrassing – that they read in Southern Living that your powder room should be like a little jewelry box.

Meaning, you should open up that door to the little room and inside should be totally decked out, decorated in a way that you would never do the larger and more lived-in parts of your home, and could contain some more over-the-top décor.

Once I heard that, I have never turned back!

While my powder room isn’t quite the little jewelry box that I wish it was just yet, I keep adding items to make it more interesting.

When I moved in the mirror in the room was just one of those slab mirrors held in by clear brackets. It was better than I just made it sound, and actually did fit with the retro/vintage bones of the house, but I wanted something cuter.

Quite some time ago I found this off-white mirror and ordered it off I believe it was $60, which as you home décor friends know, is quite a steal.

While you have to excuse the mistaken anchor hole to the side (listen, no one gets it right the first time!), I think this mirror adds a lot to the itty bitty room. I also recently found the larger wall art at Home Goods, and added something else small with it. The two probably needs to be built out with a hook or another little jeweled frame, but there is time… there is time…