Out Of The Way, VA

I had a great and mostly relaxing weekend. I was able to check quite a few items off the ever-growing/monstrous/out-of-control “To Do” list that I keep, which is the only reason the weekend was “mostly” relaxing.

One of my favorite weekend activities was a trip to Middleburg, VA. If you read me and L, you will find this post wildly boring. Hers is, of course, more fun than mine. She is a much more seasoned blogger, as you well know!

Our first stop was at a little antique shop that a little old white painted buffet was living at until… I came along and adopted it! More on this one later. It’s so cute it deserves its own post!

Next, a quick stroll while I was still light out in downtown Middleburg. It is so nice to visit little out of the way towns with someone else that sees the lovliness in little rusty fences, hole-in-the-wall bars, and the smell of new spring air.

It was a great afternoon, and hopefully you enjoy some of these pictures! Sometimes something as simple as fresh almost-spring-air and new colorful little blooms can help you remember one very important truth that I often forget… He makes all things new!



L said...

Your pics are WAY better than mine! :) That was so fun!

The Girl said...

You are crazy! Yours are great! I actually have a bunch more OF you - um, maybe even, uh, some you didn't know I took - but I couldn't possibly post them ALL here! :)