Recession Chic

With zero organization at all, you will see a recurring series here at Girls Like Cars Too called “Recession Chic.”

I like a new piece of flare, a top, or a décor accessory as much as the next person (okay, maybe a little bit more... and maybe at an unhealthy level)…

Though I am currently doing okay, this last week brought some realization that there just are no guarantees. With an economy that is not necessarily “in the tank,” but is not as hot as we all wish it would be, we all need to be a little more thoughtful in our spending – and that includes me.

I’ve been thinking – and practicing! – ways to continue being fashionable, up-to-date, and enjoying the fun of shopping and adding new things to my wardrobe or home without going flat broke!

Here’s where you come in… I want suggestions! Are you making awesome Recession Dinners? Recession Weekend Getaways? Share!

I would love to highlight your Recession find if you don’t have your own blog. My e-mail: snchamberlin at hotmail dot com.

To kick us off, today’s Recession New Top Fix. I know, not exactly a necessity, but I was at Ann Taylor Loft with my mom and saw two tops that were just adorable. I needed them. You know... NEEDED.

First, a lovely pink-ish coral rosette (obsessed!) top.

Second, a lovely off white top. Lovely. Little mesh cap sleeves. A muted - but pretty - lacy design just under the neck line. Like the pink top, it said to me: VERSATILE. Under a suit jacket, or with jeans, this is a top I need!

Of course Mom wasn't helping that much. She wanted me to get these two and seven other things too that she wouldn't wear herself but wanted me to wear! As I was pulling these two tops together and about to walk up to the register, I thought, "do you really need both of these tops? Is there some way to get the muted look of the off-white that you love, but also get some rosettes?"

... so I got thinking. How about the rosette top, but in off-white instead? Yes! Exactly!

I know, I know. I'm a snob, probably. But listen, I'm learning too! This is my first practicing of Recession Chic, and I am quite pleased with resisting the temptation of buying both tops, while also having quenched the new top fix!