Sigh, Vacation

This is where I am right now...

After being here for the last four days, I am realizing how badly I needed a vacation. Some not-so-great things went down in my work life int he last week. They don't involved me, but still make me a wee sad (and worried).

After calming down from all of that the first and second day I was here, I relaxing and hanging out with the fam.

Mom's 54th birthday was on Friday, and Dad and I conspired to get her a yellow (her favorite color!) iPod Nano, and sure enough she was surprised AND liked it! We weren't sure if she would say she didn't think she would use it, blahbitty blah blah. You know how the old folks are sometimes.

Last night we ate at a Japanese restaurant with my brother, his wife, and my parents. And it's a few more trips to the beach for me before leaving Tuesday, a trip or two to the best costume/fashion jewelry store ever, a daily indulgence of an afternoon nap, and freedom to wear every print top I own.


L said...

I'm glad you're enjoying it and winding down. Don't worry about "tomorrow" - God knows. :)

Annemarie said...

My favorite color is yellow too....and if I were to need a Nano...that is the one I would get!! What a fun gift idea!! :)