The Mission

After LA, LB picked me up and we spent the weekend in Santa Barbara. It was really just so beautiful. The weather was perfect, and we had a great time laughing, catching up, and just hanging out.

Before I left, LB really wanted me to see the Rose Garden outside The Mission, and I am so glad that we did! While the pictures in the post, I think are pretty and the flowers are beautiful in their own rite… there is something that is a bit surreal about walking amongst hundreds – maybe thousands – of flowers in your bare feet.

Yes the realities of cars, buildings, homes, palm trees (okay, maybe I’m straight crazy, but palm trees just don’t do it for me), horns honking… it’s all there. But seeing all these amazing flowers and all at one time, the eye is almost overwhelmed with color.

I’m stealing and idea for Mother’s Day from LB to use these photos to make note cards for Mom. Yes, it’s after Mother’s Day. Yes, I’m always late sending things. But Debbie will like them anyway, I’m sure of it :).

I'll post the cards post-production!


Kara said...

Beautiful pictures and you're absolutely right that your mom will love the cards, no matter when. You must post the details on how you do them and how they turn out!