The Penthouse

Continuing on with my California adventures (I know, really, how late could this be?), the second day I was in Los Angeles for work, my client took my colleague and I to one of his favorite places – The Penthouse.

The Penthouse is a lovely – and I mean lovely – bar/restaurant at the top of The Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica. Just a 15 minute drive from our downtown hotel and it seemed like we were in a different world.

The shops were different, the people were different, the hotel was most definitely different. Much swankier, much more “LA” than down by the pier. The view at The Penthouse was one thing, being on the 13th or 14th floor of the building and looking out on to the ocean – but the d├ęcor was just as beautiful!

Their color scheme was cool, but not too “seaside.” Modern, but not also with some vintage mixed in. Modern with vintage mixed in?! I can’t BELIEVE this is something I would be attracted to immediately!!...

Just some of the pretties about the place that I couldn't get enough of:

** U-shaped tables along the window wall, but on a step, with the fourth remaining chair needing to be a bistro-height chair. Theirs, studded light blue suede.

** An extremely oversized leather chair – two or three people could have sat in this chair, and it brought in the vintage Hollywood feel. I sat in it for a moment and felt like a queen!

** The modern and straight lines and cubes, which were even more highlighted when tossed in the mix with pretty and soft curves and colors.


Anonymous said...

Can I have that tufted chair, please?!?! I am in love.

Oh, and I think you had way too much fun in Cali!!!

The Girl said...

Haha. That chair is CRAZY huge too... I should have got something else in the pic to give it perspective! That's wide enough for two people... massive!