Recession Chic: Summer Sandals

You know those summer shoes that are just a few pieces of actual material, but cost so much?

Yes, I know them too. I want them. I buy them. I wear them for two months. Don’t look away – you do it too!

Of course I want some cute summer sandals for the upcoming warmer weather, and there are some cuties out for this season! But, I decided that of all the things I could spend money on, this was going to be one of the items I was going to be smart on.

So I went cheap. There it is – I went cheap this year, folks. I made one summer shoe splurge in the form of a pair of Michael Kors sandals that can be dressed up for work, or dressed down with some crop pants… and the rest I’m going cheap on.

First, I wanted to at least attempt the gladiator sandal trend, especially since the likelihood of it being “out” very soon is high. Instead of spending some serious cash on them, I picked these up at Target. They are cute, fit the trend, and until you get close enough up to them that, frankly, you are just too close to my feet unless you’re a podiatrist… they look pretty snazzy still.

Here’s another version of an inexpensive gladiator sandal, from Old Navy. A little less chunky, and around the same price.
Also from Target, these little brown sandals that I have already worn many many times between a few nice DC days, a trip to Florida, and a trip to California. I have a feeling these are going to become my main summer casual shoes, because they are super cute (especially with pants, those little straps peeping out), and really comfortable.
How about the trend of chunky jewels or other fabric on top of the foot – sometimes in the form of a T-strap – on a summer sandal? Old Navy and Zappo’s both have some really great, reasonably priced, options.
Shoe shop away… and guilt-free!


Kara said...

These are some GREAT options. I've had pretty good luck at Target with sandals (and yes, I always go cheap) so I might have to check some of these out. But what if we wear them at the same time! Eeks.

lb said...

what if i want to see a pic of your michael kors please...

Anonymous said...

I bought a pair of that first pair of gladiator sandals for my sister from Nordie's (Rack, of course) - they are the best! I might need to hit up Tar-jhay for my own pair! You Recessionista, you!