While in LA last week, my colleague and I had the opportunity to take a few quick jaunts to different parts of the city. I swear the two and a half days I was in town seemed more like five days because of how much work, conferencing, meeting, and then quick little trips around town we did. But a great – and productive! – few days nonetheless.

Shutters is a beautiful beachside hotel that two DC friends recommended. Good thing someone we were with knew where it was, it’s a bit hidden among the buildings in Santa Monica, and under an amazing “ceiling” of flowers, ivies and plants.

While I didn’t take enough photos because, frankly, it was morning and we were going there for breakfast (read: I hadn’t had coffee, it was 10 a.m. Pacific… you get the point). Look through the link to get a better idea of how beautiful it is. I’ve heard rooms go for $800+ for a weekend night! Wow.

We had the most amazing breakfast at their onsite restaurant. I had an omelet – perfectly fluffy, of course – with a white cheddar and fresh mushrooms, and quite possibly the best coffee I’ve had in some time. It was finished with amazing sourdough bread and fresh blueberry jam, with a side of perfectly browned home-style potatoes.

The inside of the Shutters restaurant is “beachy” but without being too thematic. Ah… just right!


L said...

Cute and sounds delicious! I love the windows - very craftsman-like.