Sweet Matrimony

I’ve been all over the place with weddings in the past five or so years.

I’ve been elated for the couple. I’ve been concerned for the couple. I’ve teared up during ceremonies because of the obvious love. I’ve cried afterward because it wasn’t me. I’ve judged (good and bad) decorative details, and vows, and bridesmaid dresses – and that was all wrong.

But that was a couple years ago.

Now? Sweet. I just think – and am able to see, with maybe a little grace – weddings as sweet. Sweet. Their love – it’s sweet. The work the bride and others have put in to details – it’s sweet. The speeches, toasts, delicate details of a dress, of shoes, of a table cloth – it’s all just kind of sweet.

A wedding I was at this weekend was just that. M & B got married at a beautiful little (and I mean little!) church in Potomac, Maryland on Saturday and continued the celebration at a farm even further out in Potomac.

The vows were lovely. B’s speech was nothing less than incredible, yet relaxed, and confident. The food was… amazing. The venue was… amazing.

I may have even taken a few notes. 120 guests? Perfect. Short reception ending by 11 pm? Perfect. Running off without having to be there for tons of goodbyes and clean up as the bride? Perfect.

And… a tunnel of sparklers as you run to your 1960’s white Studebaker to be driven away to your hotel? Per-fect.

A few quick photos. (Confession – new computer, haven’t been editing photos, these are the only ones I’m willing to share without having loaded my new software yet!)


pinksundrops said...

Totally with you. I adore weddings because they are a culmination of everything the couple feels for each other. And usually that's a good thing!