“Done” has been a word I’ve been avoiding thinking about for a long time as it relates to my house and my decorating.

“Done” seemed so far away. Forever away. Unachievable!

Well, maybe it still is… but the last few weeks, something has changed, I’ve apparently made it over a major hump, and the house feels almost… done!

Yes, I know this means I need to get my rear in gear and put some more pictures up. A mini house photo shoot will be coming your way soon. But wow, just sitting around on a weekend morning, catching up on e-mail, looking around, I realized, “this place is close to done.”


So here’s my list of “to-do’s” that remain. It might seem like a lot but considering where we came from, it’s not at all!

Immediate items: the yard needs to get cleaned up, all the brush cleared, and some new planters. A new rug for the kitchen (to hide the ugly tile pattern I inherited), window treatments for the guest room, and clean out the coat closet, guest room closet, and re-organize the kitchen.

Medium-term items: decide what the heck to do with the backyard (a deck? Ground cover? Stones? Ugh!), and figure out if I want to buy a headboard for my bed, or if I want to leave it as is.

Long-term items (aka the wish list): granite countertops in the kitchen, replace the kitchen tile, new stainless appliances, and replace the first floor half-bath floor with tile.

With it all written down, it actually doesn’t seem like that big of a lift! At least the immediate and medium-term items are fairly doable.

Photos coming soon, but you all have watched the house take shape and watched rooms come together in real life and on the blog. Thanks for all your suggestions over the last 15 months!