Scand-o Adventures

Is it allowed if I want to blog about things that happened in the past, way before Girls Like Cars Too came in to existence?


One of the best trips I’ve ever been on was a Scandinavian adventure. I wish I would have known about my friend Lisa’s life growing up back in the Fall of 2007, since visits Sweden often!

Almost two years ago now (yikes!), I visited the great CP when she was working for a shipping company in Copenhagen. I strategically wrapped the 10 days around Thanksgiving, which meant I only had to take four days off work – come on, that’s genius, you agree.

We did so many things on the trip, but it was a great balance because I also had a lot of “The Girl time” to hang out in coffee shops, putz around local shops, walk around neighborhoods, and of course take gazillion million billion pictures.

We stayed at CP’s place in Denmark for most of our trip, but in the middle, took a quick flight to Tallin, Estonia where we were supposed to be in a nice little garden hotel, and ended up in a hostile. Hey, it was worth having the story!

After two days in Estonia, we took an overnight ship through the Baltic Sea to Stockholm, Sweden.
The ship was called The Romantika. I don’t know if I need to say anymore than that. The Romantika. There were Estonian “pop dance troops” for entertainment.

The Romantika. You get the idea.
One of the amazing scenes from the ship in the morning as we were getting closer to docking was all the small little houses and families that live on islands in the middle of the Sea with only their house (and a shed and dock for their boat) on it. There were tons of these - some, like this one, had just one home. Others had four or five.

After arriving in rainy Stockholm, we spent another two days looking around the city for an American store (we needed pumpkin for Thanksgiving dinner!), making friends with the Swedish Meatball, and seeing the biggest pirate ship ever.

We then trained back to Copenhagen through the countryside, which was amazing to see from the inside of a train.

It was a great time to spend with CP, and I go back to look at these pictures often because it was so much fun. The bicycle riding, the six flights up to her apartment (okay, not so much fun), her heated bathroom floor, the people, the things I learned about fashion and accessories, feeling like I fit in in a city full of very tall blond pale women. :)

Thought you might enjoy some of the photos from the trip!


Kara said...

How dare you post such a thing when I've been craving another European adventure myself!

Looks like quintessential Europe to me... just fabulous.