Recession Chic: Day Trip

Tomorrow, a friend and I are trucking it down to Ches.apeake, VA.

Now, just to be honest, I will have to tell you that we are going down there (over 3 hour drive, at that) just to go to one store - Gard.en Ridge. We both know about the store from different places we've lived and been.

The rest of the day is a complete surprise! We don't know what we're doing, but from the maps it looks like we will be close to Virginia Beach, so maybe we'll go to The Boardwalk, or just find a cute outdoor restaurant, or hang out at a park or something.

Who knows!

But, what I DO know, is that it will be a fun day with her, a chance to get way outside the Beltway (needed!!), and will probably get both of us a few good photos. A 3-hour drive, one day (aka no hotel), some cute parks or beaches or other nature finds, a cute restaurant or two, and a store we both love and all on the Eastern Shore...

... looks like a recession chic day trip to me!

Of course what I want to know is what are your recession chic day trips? If you are in DC - is it C-ville? Vineyards in Middleburg? Share. And if you are somewhere else... make us jealous of your lovely day trip ideas!


Kara said...

But what if we don't have one... but are wanting one, SO badly! Please report back... and especially if you find anything good at Garden Ridge... we have those in the ATL and I've been missing it.