The Birdcage Project

Have you ever had a just-fabulous décor idea, gotten all the parts or pieces, completed the project, and then said, looking at it from across the room…

… “hmmmm.”

Yeah. That’s what I’m doing with the heretofore known Birdcage Project.

There are a lot of little things that I don’t love about my house, but they are all necessary. An old phone jack. Some of the outlets, the sloping wood floors toward the middle of the house (yeah, this is a special one).

Whatever it is I just can’t deal with the house thermometer. It kind of drives – or drove – me crazy. It is this awful off white-almost-yellow color, and it hangs out right in the middle of a large wall. Unconcealed. Icky. Staring at me, day in and day out.

Here is the thermometer (don’t lie, you hate it too).

Here’s what the wall looked like with it always hanging out right in the middle.

And here is the birdcage I bought at – wait for it – Home Goods (shocking!) to cover it up. The birdcage, a few frames, and a nail… and I had me the Birdcage Project.

Now, don’t be concerned. I, too, don’t know what to think of this. I’ve added more around the cage since I took these photos – there is now a frame hung on the wall outside the cage, a tall candle on the teal furniture – that makes it a “set” of décor. It doesn’t look quite so lonely.

The door opens and right behind that frame is the thermometer so that I can be as temperamental about the temperature in the house as I am. Easy to change, not nearly as ugly, and the wall needed something large.

Thoughts? Be honest. It’s one nail, despite what it looks like. Tell the truth, kids.


L said...

I still like it! Would be good to see with other things around it, too.

Lisa said...

I like the birdcage too. Kevin mentioned if there is power coming to the thermometer currently then it'd be easy (for him) to replace it with a digital one if you'd be interested in that option.

pinksundrops said...

I like it! Way better than the thermometer. I bet with the other items around it looks even better! Hey, I totally got that bookcase for my Mom's guestroom when I decorated it for her. Pier 1, right? Loved it!