Come Back To Me

You saw all the Christmas card drama.

Knowing that I had 400 cards to do meant that there was no way I would be writing a return address on all of them.

I also didn’t feel like getting a bunch of return labels. 1. I wanted something a little different, and 2. You all know I’m trying to be as green as possible, so I didn’t want to just waste the paper.

Hence… the stamp!

I scoured the Interwebs for a cute stamp, and while it is not Christmas-y at all, I thought this was adorable and I’d be able to use it for a long time. I’d say a worthy $21 investment considering what you would pay for labels over the years.

Tickled Pink Paper Ink has some adorable stamps if you’re in the market.

If you just search for “return address stamps” online there are really great ones with self-inking stamps, to any style you can dream of!


Anonymous said...

Ooooooh I looooove this. So cute! Way to be green!

teresa said...

Just found your post! Thank you so much for featuring my stamp! Love your blog!

Teresa Diepenbrock
Tickled Pink Paper + Ink