Don't Recognize Me

So here’s what I thought was funny today – a Consultant I have got a mention out of me about the blog.

Yes, I mentioned GLCT to someone outside my friend space. I mentioned it, however, because I thought that maybe someone at my firm had seen it – a variety of reasons, but I had good reason to think so. So, while being upset about this potential fact, I mentioned my “secret blog” to him.


Now he’s scowering the Interwebs for said “secret blog.” He can’t find it, I know he can’t. Am I that predictable – or predictable at all? I guess the real question is, in the way that I live my work life, do you think the people in my work world would know how to find me somewhere on the web?

Do they know my heart, my interests, and what I find funny?

Just some food for thought. How real am I at work? What do I really let people know – and where do I set my boundaries?

Plus, if Consultant DOES see this – he’ll be so overwhelmed with “being right,” he won’t be able to not tell me he found it…


L said...

Yeah, he won't find it. Although I know of a couple of friends who found mine. :)

The Girl said...

Well... Consultant saw it today! And whoever do you mean a friend that found yours;). I still can't BELIEVE I got caught!!