Wood. Wick. Wood. Wick.

I’m not a huge candle person – but I do like a nice one here and there. I used to be like every other girl and bought tons of them, but once I realized I only really like a few kinds, I stopped that insanity.

Now I just have a few brands that I really like. One, introduced to me by someone that gave a gift to FR, is Wood Wick.

The website is just terrible, but the product is the exact opposite!

The basic premise is that the “wick” is made of natural wood materials, and is flat and very wide. When you light these little beauties they sound just like a [very quiet] crackling fireplace. It is quite lovely, especially for sitting down in a quiet room to read a book.

Not to mention, their smells (smells? Fragrances?) are wonderful. They are full and strong enough to get a wonderful whiff, but not overpowering at all.

Can you tell I’m listening to/smelling/enjoying a little Wood Wick as I write?


Anonymous said...

wicky-wicky-wood! I do love the Wood Wick candles! It's like a fireplace in a jar. :)