Making Room for More

No, not like that. Not that I know which “that” you thought I meant, but I know I didn’t mean that “that.”

My good friend LK is moving in next Monday. She and her fiancé are getting married on June 12 (did I mention I’m planning the wedding? More to come.) and her lease is up next week, so… she needed a place to live.

Just so happens my guest bedroom would like to have a long-term visitor. Which all means I will have a roommate for the next three months. In preparation for LK’s arrival, I’m having to clean a bunch of rooms so that she has enough space for her things in her room, but also elsewhere in the house.

The first space I tackled was the front/coat closet. See here what a disaster it was:

I know, doesn’t look that bad.

Allow me to explain: this thing is what, 18 inches wide? 20? Maybe. Further, it is the only closet on the first floor. Wait, it is the only closet in the entire HOUSE that is not a closet in one of the two bedrooms. That’s right – no kitchen pantry, no linen closet, no storage closet. In fact, no bathroom cabinets even (hello lovely pedestal sinks – I love you, but I also hate you).

You can see where this is headed. So in this itty bitty closet was everything else: coats, winter gear, hardware, tools, step ladder, camera equipment, umbrellas, racquet ball equipment, two overhead lights I want to switch out, light bulbs, reusable grocery bags… you get the picture. (And you’re impressed it all was in there).

So I emptied the thing out.

Then I moved a little shelving deal I had in my upstairs closet into this closet, but sideways. One cubby for camera equipment, one for winter gear, one for reusable bags, etc.

Then, I found this nifty little hook that I got at World Market years ago but never put up. (Another post one day on all the hooks I have in my house.) Turns out it's a pretty decent scarf holder.

And I couldn't leave the top of the white shelf unused, so this fabric basket is where the "currently being used" items go. For winter it's hat, mittens, and scarves. For spring it will be umbrella and who knows what.

See, and then the coats have their own designated little space:

On the top shelf we have, from left to right, electric drill, grill equipment, and a boxed mini chandelier. And in another fabric basket (yellow & gray) we have two seasonal wreaths for the front door, light bulbs, and extra hardware.

And voila! A brand new, organized, crafty closet that just might allow space for someone else's coats too!

Hey, when you live in an old (ie no closets) little house, getting creative with your organization is pretty key. On to the next project!


Christy Parker said...

WOW - SO FUN! 1. LK as a roommate - how amazing! 2. You're planing the LK/JM wedding - super fun!!!

Now...the only thing I am concerned perfect little guest room??? Ha - kidding of course, I do not visit nearly enough to merit a room, however....I may be coming in April, will keep you posted! /cp

Anonymous said...

Fab organizational skillz, Girl! I can't believe LK is going to be your FR! What fun. :) And I must hear more about the wedding planning, helllooo!