Update: The Birdcage

Some of you might remember my adventures in covering up an incredibly ugly thermostat a few months ago.

I found a lovely bird cage at - wait for it - Home Goods, and planned to attempt to hide the ugliness of that thing. I think I'm there. I admit it was a little bare when you saw it last.

But now I've added a few more items, with incredibly easy access to the temperature-changer-knob-thing on the side. Hint: it's aligned right with the right edge of the frame (which also now has a picture of Ms. E in it).

All pulled together, here is the full picture of that section of decor. I'm hopefully getting around to photographing the house as it is now - on it's two year anniversary coming up - since basically everything is almost done now.

But here is a little section of decor love for now.


Kara said...

Pretty! I especially like the wall color - is that new? Or maybe it just looks all "together" now that the birdcage is finished...