Love Your Guts

Sad as it is, it looks like the end is nearing for our dear Sarah.

Her cancer journey over the last five years has been difficult, it has been exciting when it was reported gone at times, and terrifying at other times for her and her family. I remember the desk I was sitting at 5+ years ago when she called and said that, at 25, she had been diagnosed with breast cancer and was a week away from a double mastectomy. And so her cancer story began.

These years later, two months since her last surgery, two weeks since she moved to hospice, the Lord seems to be calling her Home. You can read for yourself about the last few weeks here.

Her breathing is slowed. Her friends and family have gathered around her bed, and it seems her time to meet Jesus is very near. I can only wonder, when you're aware you are so close to the end of this life, how real Jesus seems. To know that not at sometime in the future, but that soon - maybe hours - she will see His face and will hear "welcome, good and faithful servant."


Rhiannon Nicole said...

Oh the OPI gray is fantastic and would look so sweet for my wedding haha no joking here! Lovely post :)