Nail Trends: Spring 2010

Nails are a fun trend to completely dive in to during different seasons for a few reasons.

First, it's inexpensive. Trends are usually so incredibly expensive but two new bottles of nail polish will cost you what, $15 - $20? That's a trend I can definitely try with confidence that if I don't like it in a few months, it won't have been a waste.

Second, everyone sees your hands! It's a fun way to dress up your normally-appropriate and, possibly, a little boring work outfits. Not because you are boring OF COURSE. But because, well, it's work.

Third, super easy. Take old polish off, base coat, new trendy color, top coat, dry time... all done from start to finish while watching one episode of The Office. Easy peasy!!

Some "Don't Forget"'s...
First - short. Keep. Short. Nails. Long is gross, annoying, hard to take care of, and get dirty. Second, no chips please. I can't promise you I've never have chippy nails - I have. But I shouldn't - no one should! Third, dude, do your own nails.

Use Essie. Okay, that's not a trend, that's more of a personal preference. I use Essie exclusively because it's the only brand I've found that doesn't chip, has a good brush, has excellent colors, is $8 or less, and... and... who knows, I just think they are the best, k?

Grey Is So The New Black
Are you over the black nail polish of the last few seasons? (P.S. I'm not.) Or, have you been trying to get up the courage to wear black to work, and you never quite have? This season's grey trend just might be for you then.

It's a little less jolting, and very pretty, and incredibly versatile. It can go casual or dress it up with some super shine top coat. A few brands are below in the photo that seem like nice shades of grey - personally I am still looking for the perfect hue and haven't found it yet.

And yes, grey has been on it's way in for the last few months. But I think for us normal girls (aka non-Fashion-Week-attending, being-appropriate-at-work-liking girls), grey is an incoming trend.

No Shine Here!
Next trend - matte nail polish. I can't lie, it took me a while to get used to this one. I've only worn it twice now (once right now, I might add, in black), but it's growing on me. There are two ways to go to acheive the matte look - either a matte top coat (see Essie's Matte About You below), or to buy matte nail polish.

My vote is the matte top coat because it's a lot more versatile.

Is this not only a really intruiging color (OPI Russian Navy matte), but honestly just a beautiful photo? (I'm always a sucker for an over-exposed, and over-saturated image.)

Pedal to the Metal
My final major trend is using those nails to go metallic! Beyonce got this going a few months ago when she started sporting Minx nail products - a "green" option for nail color, it's almost a piece of color that is heated and stuck on the nail (or so I hear, I of course have not had it done and don't plan to).

From the look of different magazines and articles I've read lately, Minx has a bunch of different options, it's just that the silver and gold metallic are all the hype right now. A little research shows it can cost anywhere from $40 - $80 per service (not that I would ever get it done anyway, but I definitely wouldn't now!).

Some examples below. Not that you asked, but I like-ish the silver, and want to gag at the gold. So, there is my verdict on metallic nails!


Anonymous said...

Loving these trends! I miss my nail polish dealer (YOU)! I've tried a dark gray but Pants says "Why are your nails goth?!" Boys.

The Girl said...

Hahaha. Well... I got some gray and I did it matte this weekend - It is kind of light, I wonder if Pants would mind that? I also found some navy blue - but went for it on the toesies.