The Menu...

The tomb is empty, and He is risen!

Now let's celebrate! Happy Easter everyone.

I've invited a bunch of people over for an "orphan Easter" this year. You know how I just love hostessing - truly, it could be one of the loves of my life - but making that decision 2.5 days in advance? Hmm. Sanity check, aisle Me, please.

Twelve friends are coming over around 1.30 pm and I can't wait! I've spent nearly two full days preparing for what might be a 2 - 3 hour gathering. Good thing I can laugh at myself.

Yesterday was a lot of grocery shopping, menu planning, and buying stuff, stuff, stuff. Today was: grocery stores (again), making Easter bags for the guests (yes, really), straightening up the house a bit, and then the bulk of the time getting the back yard in shape. That, readers, is a whole other post (let's just say I'm going to sleep like a baby tonight).

I've started preparing the food tonight, but here is the full menu:

Drinks: a lemonade champagne, white & red vino, Green Mountain coffee, OJ, Coke Zero (duh), and regular Coke (does anyone still drink this, by the way?).

The brunch: an egg brunch (made by the roommate), french toast bake, some spiral ham, banana bread, mini Fiber One blueberry muffins, a grape salad brought by a guest, and I will probably run out tomorrow morning and pick up some fruit.

And dessert: some carrot cake bars being brought by the one and only L, sugar cookies that will be in the Easter bags as guests part, and there will be little bowls around with pretzels dipped in either white or milk chocolate.

In summary: An incredibly unhealthy brunch. Good thing it's a one meal kind of day tomorrow... At this point (late Saturday night) I'd say 1/4 of the menu is complete. Tomorrow morning will be a hustle, but all for the fun of having company over!

Can't wait to show you the back yard too, it is slowly becoming more presentable... slowly.

Happy Easter to you!


Kara said...

You're right... I admire your ambition!! I, too, live and die for hosting but deciding 2 days ahead of time... I'm stressed for you!

By the way, I've made that Paula Deen french toast casserole and it's great! Everyone will love it.

On the flipside, though, there's no better motivation for getting the house and yard in shape than holiday guests. Can't wait to see the yard!