New Restaurant: Source

I'm trying to be more willing to try new restaurants and foods - especially places I haven't tried in DC yet. I swear... I'm trying!

Today I had a lunch appointment at Source, a new-ish restaurant in DC that is inside (more or less) the Newseum, a Wolfgang Puck restaurant.

I'm really glad we tried it! Here's the menu - what would you have picked? I ordered the chicken salad sandwich, trying to not worry about the curry (which I hate) but it turned out really good - couldn't even taste the curry, and the rest of it was good!

The ambiance was nice and airy with a ton of natural light even though it was raining. The table, bar and seating set up was interesting but pretty - mini benches (okay the light suede did leave little fuzzies all over my black pants though) up to tables with white cloths and stemless water glasses.

Worth a try? Yes.

The best thing about lunch? Easy. The company.


L said...

Yay for trying new restaurants! This place is EXPENSIVE. I spent $40 on shared appetizers and dessert and left hungry, but it was delicious!