Oh, Hi, Hello

Quick update from the old-people capitol of the world: Florida!

There will be a bunch of blog posts from my last week, mostly because I've taken quite a few shots of the different places I've been and stayed, but for now, only a quick update (for one of the reasons listed below):

Wednesday: Left for Miami for a work conference - well, sort of. I did in fact end up leaving, but after I missed a flight, went to another airport, was that person and hopped airline counters until I could get a flight. So I arrived in Ft. Lauderdale, but eventually I made my way to my hotel, the Fairmont Turnberry Isle Resort, which was lovely. (This gets it's own post - the decor is beautiful!)

Wednesday Night: Hosted a 15-person dinner at Bourbon Steak, in an amazing and beautiful private room, with pretty excellent food. Bourbon Steak gets its entire own post later too!

Thursday: Got a monster virus on my work laptop that basically fried it. Let two hours on the phone with work's IT department commence... And yes, I may have lost everything, but I'm not allowing myself to think about it yet!

Thursday Night: Hosted 25 people at Texas de Brazil, a Brazilian steakhouse with the servers walking around with meat on swords and all. It was an experience - a fun one! This gets it's own post too!

Friday: The Moms picked me up, we drove back to their side of the state, I grocery shopped and settled in, and started pondering my Big Purchase for Saturday...

Saturday: I'm a Mac now. Ahhhh!! Well, I technically am still a dual citizen: Mac for personal, PC for work, no getting away from that. I bought myself a nifty little Macbook Pro 13" and am quite the happy camper (still in denial about the possibility I lost everything from my PC of course.). Well and before that I bought my summer handbag, but we'll address that later...

Sunday: Who knows I can't remember but I'm sure it involved errands, the beach, maybe a nap, work, and being bored...

And here we are. Monday. Aren't you glad you know everything I did? Here I sit in a Starbucks, burnt (yes I use sunscreen, yes I reapply, yes I still burn), a teeny bit bored, and starting on a bunch of new posts for you!


L said...

Hi, Hello! Enjoy the rest of your stay! Can't wait to hear about the pretty and delicious places you've been.

p.s. I made my last big purchases for my room. It really is allllmost done.

pinksundrops said...

This might be totally unkosher to say, but once you go Mac you never go back : ) . Congrats!!