Meet Max

Well, world, The Parents got another doggy.

You may remember about a year and a half ago (I can't believe it's been that long sometimes) I lost my childhood dog, Taffy. You can read my sentiments here. You can. I won't. Still gets me sometimes. I know she was "just a dog," but she was part of our family and I loved her so. And my goodness was she a trooper - 16 years old!

After 18 months, my mom has gotten a new dog - Max. She reports it was difficult, and that sometimes she still feels bad because Taffy was her true doggy love, but I have to say that Max is really wonderful.

As you can see he is SUPER cute. And he has a great personality too. The little guy is 3 years old and they got him from a kill shelter where he was about to be... well, you know. He had been beaten by his previous owners and you can still see that today. If you lift a hand too quickly to pick something up, or drop something near him, or simply startle him, he winces and cowers and rolls over because he expects to be hurt.

He is slowly and surely coming out of that, though and it gets better every day. They've had him for about a month and he is fully acclimated - having won the battle to be allowed to sit on the couch (only on a random 49-ers blanket though - don't ask me where that came from!), plays a few times a day, sleeps and tans in the sun the rest of the day, and basically already has my mom and dad wrapped around his little paw.

Surely there will be more pics (of course!) but frankly I haven't had a moment to start editing yet so you can see some uncut ones now!


Rhiannon Nicole said...

ohhh sucha cutie! Honestly I love this picture!!

pinksundrops said...

He's adorable!