Printed Vintage Book Pages

Along with the new bed (are you tired of hearing about it yet? I didn't think so.) my master bedroom is getting a bit of a mulligan. With the addition of the new bed frame, and then sending my lovely white painted bookcase off to a very good home, the room now leaves some space for new things!

Do I pull in a new color? A new little table? Maybe a chair - something to... right, throw dirty clothes on. Look I know myself and if there's a place to throw clothes, I'll do it, which means chairs are NOT allowed in my bedroom, ever. Not even a desk chair unless necessary because clothes will end up over the back of it, I can promise you.

I've had all these great frames - some empty, some with prints, some with glass only - that I've been waiting to use and collecting the last few years and so there is something telling me they can go on the long [now blank] wall in my bedroom. I just can't figure out how, though. I suppose more on those another time.

But in the meantime I was roaming around Etsy (always dangerous) and found a whole world of prints on antique book pages. I went bananas. These aren't my favorite, but I do like them. The favorites will be shared when you see the post where I actually bought my favorites and they found a new home on my bedroom wall!

What do you think? Cluster? Alone? I just like the whole idea of them...

The first set (lemon, spoons & bicycle ) can be found here.

The second set (coral, iris, & peacock) can be found here.


laura beth said...

i "need" the spoon print. i say spoon, you say 'merry christmas' just kidding. but really. l.o.v.e.

Anonymous said...

Yes, no chair closets for you!!!

I LOVE these. Like, LOVE. I cannot wait to see what you do with them, and may even steal the idea. :)