Update: Bed & Things

I bought the bed.

I bought the bed, I bought the bed, I bought the bed!!

Now if receiving it could just so happen to coincide with the two following things: 1) when the new mattress comes (please?), and 2) in a few weekends from now when I have The Handyman visiting from out of town for the weekend (triple please?) so I don't have to put it together on my own.

NOT THAT I COULDN'T, of course. But, you know, a helper is always better...

I gave the cute painted white tall bookcase with lovely clear knobs away this weekend - but to an excellent home. I do love giving away furniture to good homes, where I know they will take into consideration the piece and how it looks and its character... so I am happy about this one. The piece just didn't work in my house anymore. All to say - when the new bed comes, I'll next be looking to complete the room... again... finally.



Anonymous said...

Yippee! I can't wait to see some pics!