Host(ess) Gift Time

Is it official? Have the holiday parties started?

The reality is - yes, they can never be too early, or often. And this means, of course, that YOU need to be prepared before you get those bundles of invites delivered to your mail box & inbox!

A few cute ideas for host & hostess gifts that I like to bring to parties are below.

Why just bring a bottle of wine (well not "just," it is very gracious of the guest) when you could spent $1.50 at Target and put it in an adorable little bag? (Yes, I keep these in stock!)

Or, once I did a years subscription to one of my favorite decor magazines for a friend who had just bought her new house and was throwing her first Christmas party. Usually they are about $15 for an entire year, and I can promise no one else will think of it! Put a nice little bow around the current issue, and bring it on over.

There is always the route of bringing something that can be used during the gathering, but also kept by the host. I've received cheese knives with a cute Christmas-y pattern, and a small serving dish. Both were lovely ideas. Or, how about a festive wine stopper?

As long as you know the host's home is going to bear a Christmas tree - even if not when the party is - fun and interesting ornaments can be a good choice as well. Here are a few of my favorite this year from West Elm, Z Gallerie, and Pier 1.


Christy Parker said...

Love the magazine idea!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Christy - magazines are a great idea!