Z Goodness on Sale

Did anyone else catch the 20% off sale that Z Gallerie had from the 11th - 15th?

Well I caught it, but I resisted, and now think I should have picked up a pair of window panels that I think I like, but am not sure really work in the house. Decisions!!!

So I was thinking... don't you kind of just wonder what my wish list was from the sale? Yes, yes I thought that you did.

1) Oh what I would give to have the kind of space that a standing, 3 foot tall, mercury glass, has-absolutely-no-purpose-other-than-to-look-good vase, could go in just to look pretty. Maybe a few twigs, as they suggest. Or, what about some itty bitty purple buds. Or I could just stare at the mercury glass all day...

2. Obviously I need a large silver bowl for display. Obviously. You do too.
3) A small mercury glass hurricane lamp? Don't you think my mercury glass 3 foot tall vase would need another friend... a hurricane lamp?

4) And what about... okay, enough about the glass, just know I love it as much as it sounds like I do.
5) And yes, believe it or not, I am in the market for another Little Table. I know, I know, some will say I have simply fallen off the wagon, only to repeat the mistakes I made before going into a 2-year period of Little Table sobriety. But I SWEAR I need one for beside my best so I can move my actual nightstand across the room and build out a little sitting area. See what I mean? Major need.


Anonymous said...

Yes need! Especially the little table. Has it really been two years?!

Christy Parker said...

LOVE that table! Would not go in my place but would look amazing in yours

L said...

I support the above purchases. :) I want those votives myself.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how can a person survive without those things.
Merry consumerism season!!!also known as Christmas (in some circles).

Rhiannon Nicole said...

Oh everything is so fabulous!! I too love mercury glass, so dreamy :)