Oh, Baby

This is a bit of a look in more than I'm comfortable with, but suppose it's healthy every once in a while.

Recently I've started getting requests from a few friends (and others - eek!) to do easy shoots for them. This is one of my best couple friends and they asked if I'd do a maternity shoot before Baby arrives in a few weeks. Of course I said yes. The portfolio needs to be built out - a lot - so doing sets for friends is exactly what I need to be doing right now.

Below is the preview with the time that's been available to edit... which is very little. Good thing editing my work is something that helps me calm down, focus, and get ready to sleep... otherwise it would never get done!

One day I'll detail in words what photography does for me - but for now, have a looksee.


Christy Parker said...

YAY! So fun - congrats to the cute couple and yay for the great photographer!

Kara said...

YEA! For both the pictures themselves and Scott and Jen's baby! This was such a super happy surprise getting to see some great shots of such fun people!

Isn't taking pictures for your friends (of their bellies, their babies, whatever!) the most nerve-wracking thing ever? Eeks. But man do I love the click of the camera. Great job!