This & That

It's been quite a week. And quite a few months.

Good things have happened the last 8+ weeks with a few crazy moments, not a whole lot of sleep, a lot of stress... but also a lot of fun.

I'll be taking a much needed breather in a few weeks, FOR a few weeks. Fantastico. So many things are ahead in the next two months that make this my favorite time of year: Thanksgiving, cold weather, Christmas, Christmas cards, the whole shebang.

Today is the day for Christmas cards so I'll be putting that order in this afternoon, oh the decisions! It's down to three different versions so I'll share the outcome and the final contenders after the choice has been made. Then on to the writing and the sending!

Other than that the decor updates for the house are few. A Home Goods has gone in up the street from me and it is a big one. Danger, danger! So there have been a few new towels and such but nothing outstanding. I did, however, purchase a rug for my room which is slowly coming to the end of being complete decorating wise. I'll post some pictures after I get it out and make sure it works.

My hopes for an excellent last month or so for you. Can't wait to get in to the season now that my times has freed up some, and catching up on all your blogs & my magazines!